Fandom dissection and other distractions.

I was a fan, then I was a stan. I couldn’t tell the difference between the two until I was exiled from stan-dom, and I didn’t even come close to understanding the forces at work in both fandom and stan-dom until much, much later, when broader context and perspectives became part of the bigger-picture I was looking at.

My aim is to try and rope in relevant context and history to make sense of the fandom we see today, as well as how we got here.

“You can’t understand the place and time you’re in by immersion; the opposite’s true. You have to step out and away and back and forward, through books and art and music, and you have to do it regularly. Then you come back to the Here and Now, and say: Ah. That’s how it is.”

Alan Jacobs

I’ll also occasionally explore films and other topics that come to mind.

Enjoy your stay.

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Musings from an excommunicated stan. Stan/fandom psychology & corporate exploitation of fandom. Fandom as religion, fandom as a cult. + film, online phenomenons, assorted topics.


Monia Ali

Auto-didact with a keen interest in music industry abuses; fan/standom & high control group psychology. "abuse of power comes as no surprise."