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I’ve always been a fan of crime shows, but haven’t been able to get into true crime.

It’s easier to try to puzzle out means and motivations when the story is entirely invented rather than based on real people where real and lasting damage has been done to people and communities.

Those things are, rightly, disturbing to think about and raise questions about ourselves and our society. We do need to reflect on them with the seriousness they deserve and not treat it as entertainment.

This is interesting regarding the Serial podcast:


I’ll definitely check out the Herzog documentary.

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I believe that both Dear Zachary and Into the Abyss are important films that can help us to better understand the complex nature of crime and its impact on society. These films are a valuable antidote to the sensationalism and profiteering that is often associated with true crime fandom.

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I am particularly interested in your discussion of the documentaries Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father and Into the Abyss. Both of these documentaries offer a unique perspective on crime and its aftermath.

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