AotV catches the audience up on how Louis Tomlinson found his footing.
Fandom is merely ancillary in Amazon Prime's horror series Swarm.

February 2023

The fan pyramid model is outdated; the market isn't static, and our representations shouldn't be either.
Medical misinformation, the bisexual agenda, radio history, Viagra for women & more.

January 2023

Fandom is seen as an expression of appreciation, but negative fandom exists, and it's more widespread than you might think.
The creation of a market for sexualized images of gay men--outside the gay male demographic.

November 2022

once ungovernable, Tumblr is approaching the commercial sphere.

October 2022

The commodification of shipping culture and packaging of ready-made relationships has calcified a pattern.

September 2022

“How can you say euthanasia is better than evacuation?” Among this year’s crop of true crime adjacent limited/anthology series is Five Days At Memorial…

August 2022

Live Nation E-commerce - dirty tricks they don't want you to know about.
The stan tier of stalking is of a different type; it’s one where the relationship between fan and fan object are still acknowledged. It’s also about…

July 2022

seeking & sharing experiences/examples